Sunday, November 23, 2008

The boys at the Barclift's

Here you see each kid in a tree. It's not just any old tree. It is a huge magnolia tree that sits behind Bee & Poppa's house. My Nanny & Pawpaw Ball had a giant magnolia tree in their front yard. It was so large I remember us playing under the tree when I was small. It's sad to go by there now because it has been cut down. Getting back on track now, all three of the boys love climbing in Bee & Poppa's tree. Recently, we had a Barclift gathering and I managed to get their pics. up in the tree. I thought the shots turned out really well. Enjoy! Maybe I'll get the hang of this and add more pics. later. I have over 10,000 on my computers and external drive. Wild, isn't it? I just wish they were developed!


Kari Harris said...

Hi Andrea,
These pictures look professional!! If you ever decide to leave teaching, you now know what else you could do, Ha!:)
Your boys look very handsome, as well. I have only met Caden (through school), and your other two look just as cute!
Congrats on your blog:)

3BarcliftBoys said...

I was sooooo excited to see you left a comment; my first one! I worked on this until 2 a.m. last night (or this morning!). I have worked on it alot this morning too. I am having some trouble with centering text and picture arrangement. I would love to know more about photography but don't have time. I just point and shoot most of the time. I took two photography courses at Snead but you "lose what you don't use",you know. Thanks for commenting on the boys. Enjoy your Thanksgiving. :)

Lisa writes... said...

Look how grown up your boys are! Welcome to the big blog world!!!!

3BarcliftBoys said...

Hey. I was surprised and tickled to see you visited my little blog. I created my blog as part of a task I had to complete for my e-Learning technology class. It was fun but I don’t expect I’ll do a great job keeping it up. I want to, though. Thanks for your e-mail about Caden’s birthday party. I have lost invitations in the mounds of mail that comes in each week. Just like I lose e-mails in the tons that come in every day. I can’t keep up. I hope you are all doing well. I am behind on reading your blog entries. I get a daily inspiration and something else from Denise Austin – I have yet to read those. Too much to do! Andrea J Hey. Is this how I respond to your blog comment or do I comment where you did? I am soooo new to this! J

Melissa said...

Hey girl! I'm so excited about your blog! This is great! The pictures of the boys are great!
Enjoy your time off from school. I look forward to keeping up with you through the blog.

3BarcliftBoys said...

Hey. I am so happy to see you visited my blog. Having seen your blog before, I am somewhat ashamed at my pitiful attempt to be part of the blogging world. I haven't checked yours since the first time I stumbled on it; couldn't find it if I tried now! That was a loooong time ago. Angela said ya'll were going to TN and will miss tailgating with us in the neighborhood. Wish ya'll could be there. Tell Emma Claire I said "hello" and "Happy Thanksgiving". Andrea :)