Friday, December 12, 2008

Thanksgiving - attempts to take Christmas pics.

After Thanksgiving lunch with all the Barclift's, Chris and I took the boys to Scott and Pam's with the hopes of capturing the "perfect" Christmas card. The Christmas picture/cards since Sam's birth have been, uh, chaotic. We did get one decent photo. Chris and I were hollering, threatening, and bribing the entire time! Oh, memories! Enjoy! :)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

The boys at the Barclift's

Here you see each kid in a tree. It's not just any old tree. It is a huge magnolia tree that sits behind Bee & Poppa's house. My Nanny & Pawpaw Ball had a giant magnolia tree in their front yard. It was so large I remember us playing under the tree when I was small. It's sad to go by there now because it has been cut down. Getting back on track now, all three of the boys love climbing in Bee & Poppa's tree. Recently, we had a Barclift gathering and I managed to get their pics. up in the tree. I thought the shots turned out really well. Enjoy! Maybe I'll get the hang of this and add more pics. later. I have over 10,000 on my computers and external drive. Wild, isn't it? I just wish they were developed!

Caden's 9th Birthday Skating Party

Sam is enjoying his ice cream! Below you see Will making funny faces at mommy!

The future Mrs. Will Barclift - a.k.a. Chloe :)

Caden opening gifts with his buddies!

Caden & Collin in the turtle races!

Will & Sam playing video games.

Yummy AUBURN cupcakes!

Chris was "ashamed" of this cake!
Caden chose to have a skating party this year for his birthday. I am including some shots from the party. He chose a half AU/UA cake, to the dislike of his father. However, his cupcakes were totally Auburn! Chris and I got him a Northface jacket - that is all we heard about for weeks! Will & Sam each picked him up a toy and gave them to him on his actual birthday. How cool is it to have a holiday on your birthday every single year?!?! Most of his friends showed up for the party. I was pleased with the turnout. After the party I took Caden & his friend Evan to Evan's house to play and hang out. They went to the movies later that night. Caden received a whopping $105 in cash & Walmart gift cards. It's like that money is burning a hole in his pocket. I am encouraging him to save up because he wants a dirtbike (it has a motor, I think that is what it is called - a dirtbike?). He will give 10% of his money to the church and put 10% in savings. He is not happy about either of those at all! All in all, I'd say turning 9 was good for Caden!